Work under progress

The following is a list of mature projects that we are working on. Some of them are already available in a technical report form under Arxiv.

Specification Construction Using Behaviours, Equivalences, and SMT Solvers.

Paul C. Attie, Fadi A. Zaraket

target: to be submitted to TOSEM.

Lebanese Biomedical Corpora: Annotating Biomedical Texts for their Constitutive Elements

Ali Alawieh, Zahraa Sabra, Amani Jaber, Zaynab Hammoud, Ghassan Hamade, Fadi A. Zaraket

target: submit to BMC Bioinformatics.

Flexibility-based Scheduling for Smart Grids/Smart Homes Power Management

Kim Baraka, Rouwaida Kanj, Fadi A. Zaraket

target: to be submitted to transactions on smart grid systems.


  • Fadi A. Zaraket, Ameen Jaber, Jad Makhlouta, Sarf: Efficient and Application Customizable Arabic Morphological Analyzer. Natural Language Engineering (NLE). (Revise and resubmit).
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